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SKIN CARE ULTIMATE WEAPON [ I-WHITE ]Additive‐free Whitening Cosmetics


About order

How long does it take for ordered goods to arrive?
Orders usually arrive within 3-4 working days.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs $8 for orders of under $100 and is free for orders over $100.
I didn’t receive an order confirmation mail.
Please contact us by e-mail at
Method of payment
Credit card (VISA / MASTER) only.
Is it possible to cancel or exchange orders?
It is possible to cancel your order provided that you contact us immediately after placing it. If the order has already been dispatched, we request that customers bear the cost of return shipping charges. Arrangements for refund will be made after that.
Forgot password
Go to password recovery page then input the email address that you registered, and press the send button.

About products

Are your products suitable for those with sensitive skin?
Our products correspond to products for sensitive skin, however, it is not possible to say that no users will experience a reaction. Therefore, for safety reasons, we recommend that you start using the products after doing a patch test for a few days.
Are your products suitable for children?
Our soap products can be used for babies and up. Our other skin care items are also made with skin-safe ingredients, however, in principle they are designed for use on adult skin.
Are your products suitable for men?
Yes of course! They are effective in daily and ageing care for men.
Please tell me all the ingredients.
Please see each product page for a complete list of ingredients.
Why is the color of the soap and the shape uneven?
Our soaps are made with natural ingredients, so the colour is not fixed. They are also handmade, so the shape can be a little uneven.
How should products be stored?
Please avoid direct sunlight and humid places and store in a cool place.
Where is the country of origin?
Our soaps are made in Australia and our skin care items are made in Japan.
Do you provide free samples?
We provide White Vita Lotion and Clear White Serum samples which we enclose with your purchase. However, we are unable to send samples only.
Does i-White conduct animal testing?
i-White never conducts animal testing. We never use ingredients which require animal testing (unsafe or suspect ingredients).

About points

Is there an expiration date for points?
Points expire one year after the last purchase.