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SKIN CARE ULTIMATE WEAPON [ I-WHITE ]Additive‐free Whitening Cosmetics


i-Natural Beauty Sydney Director

  • Born in Hiroshima Japan
  • Living in Sydney Australia from 1994.
  • While the study of skin care that focuses on natural materials, learn the relevance of beauty and health.

Message from i-White founder

Hello, I’m Ikuko Yamaoka, the founder of i-White products in Sydney Australia. I’m excited to announce our newest range of i-White products. Initially I created i-White skin care products to help my own skin care problems. When I studied the ingredients in skin care products I discovered that a large number of commercial skin care products contained potentially toxic ingredients. So although I thought they were helping me create beautiful skin they may have actually been harmful to my skin in the long-term.

I wanted to create products that thought about the user first – something that helped women like myself maintain healthy skin. i-White skin care products have been created with long-term benefits in mind because I want your skin to be healthy as well as look beautiful. I believe you can continue using i-White products throughout your life from any age because they were created thinking about the health and beauty of users like me and you.