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SKIN CARE ULTIMATE WEAPON [ I-WHITE ]Additive‐free Whitening Cosmetics

Recommendation of Additive-free Cosmetics

i-White products use "NO artificial additives" at all


If you look at the ingredients of a lot of cosmetics, you will notice many contain parabens. However, parabens are a chemical preservative that should be strictly avoided. According to findings from a university study, cosmetics that contain parabens were proven to speed up ageing effects on skin. As they have very high preservative qualities, cosmetics containing parabens can virtually last forever. Would you like to use such a cosmetic on your precious skin? Not only are there no beauty-enhancing qualities, these cosmetics are simply products made to last. I personally never want to use these products.

Mineral Oil, Paraffin

Mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum refinement. It is frequently used as an ingredient in cosmetics because the cost price is extraordinarily low and skin irritation is uncommon. However, if applied to the skin over a long period a chemical reaction is caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays and there is a risk of pigmentation. Another issue caused by the use of mineral oil is clogging of the pores. By interfering with skin respiration, the skin's metabolism is slowed down and in turn skin ageing accelerates.

Petroleum-based Surfactant Agent

A surfactant agent is used to mix oil and water, usually an impossible feat, and achieve emulsification. Petroleum-based surfactant agent is a synthetic compound made from petroleum, and when contact with the skin occurs, it is absorbed by or remains on the skin, destroying the skin's barrier zone. This causes the skin itself to weaken and leads to sensitive skin, is the cause of skin irritation and other skin problems, and in more serious cases leads to chronic skin irritation.

Synthetic Flavouring Agent

It is an ingredient with a high probability of causing allergies. i-White uses only 100% natural essential oil, which also has a beautifying effect on the skin.

Synthetic Dye

It is an ingredient with a high probability of causing allergies and skin roughness.