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SKIN CARE ULTIMATE WEAPON [ I-WHITE ]Additive‐free Whitening Cosmetics

From a precious customer

We received a message from Miho who is one of i-White's precious customers.
Thank you very much for sending and allowing us to share this affectionate message.

After having my third baby, I had a problem with dull skin tone and several spots on my face that always made me feel stressed every time I saw myself in the mirror. At the same time I had no time to go to a spa nor even to give myself 15 minutes of “me time” while parenting three kids as a full-time mom.

One day I found my skin felt completely different from the day before, and by the time I had been using them for about a month, my skin tone had clearly become brighter. For more than 30 years in my life I had never felt confident about my skin, but for the first time I was told, “Wow you have gorgeous skin!” by my friend, and it was such a surprise compliment!

In addition to the fact that i-White products have made my skin brighter and more moist, the calming aroma makes me feel so relaxed and calm. i-White made me realize that I deserve something rewarding for myself every day, which gives me energy to make my family (and of course myself) happier than yesterday! I’m so glad I found i-White, and now it is my favorite daily routine to take care of my skin AND mind with i-White!

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